Investing in
emerging markets

Based in Nairobi-Kenya, we pride ourselves investing and building networks across frontier and emerging markets in east Africa. We have a strong track record of growing our companies, adding value to our investments and delivering solid returns for our stakeholders.

Growth is
in our DNA.

Established in 2015 with US$250 thousand in capital from local individual investors, we have expanded to manage over US$5 Million in alternative assets, with a business spanning private equity and private debt.

Distinct Investment

We maintain four distinct investment portfolios, each with its own objectives, target markets, and risk profiles, while benefiting from shared administrative costs. Each portfolio is evaluated independently on a fundamental basis.

Private Equity.

Our private equity strategy has seen us building a very strong capital base through accelerated portfolio growth and active ownership and a focus on operational improvement and expansion.Our private debt business focuses on providing capital to traditionally underserved and evolving markets where disruptions are happening, supporting their growth ambitions and expansion.


We also specialize in providing growth finance to franchise operations looking to expand their operations. We look forward to sourcing unique investment opportunities and building up unrivaled assets that will deliver strong returns to our investors and shareholders.We are confident that existing and prospective investors and shareholders will continue to regard us as to be the Trusted Home for Investments, known for innovative investing partner of choice in evolving markets.

Our Partners